About us

Study for Life Ltd was founded by Zack Kasango, today's Director of the organisation, in 2007. Since then, we have been empowering disadvantaged children and their families through education, supporting them in meeting their basic needs, and providing assistance for a self-reliant living in order to give them the opportunity to improve their standards of living as well as to contribute positively to their society.

Education - key for sustainable development

Education is not only highly important to overcome multi-dimensional poverty, but also indispensable to a child’s mental, social and emotional development. In Uganda and especially in it’s rural areas, various barriers to education persist and prevent children and youths to realize their right to education. Although the Universal Primary Education (UPE) program has fundamentally increased the enrolment ratio at Primary schools, only 1 out of 4 children make it to Secondary school and less than 40 % of pupils are literate at the end of Primary school which presents major challenges to sustainable development.

Study for Life was registered as a Community-based Organisation (CBO) in Jinja, Uganda, in 2015. In 2016, the friends association Study for Life e.V. was founded in Germany, which has, since then, been supporting Study for Life Uganda. All activities in Uganda and Germany are carried out by volunteers; the team in Uganda almost exclusively consists of local staff.

At the moment, we are supporting 20 children and youths in Primary and Secondary Schools. We are not only in close contact with the students and their families, but also with teachers and headmasters of all schools, located in the students home areas, to provide individualized support. An important aspect of our work is the participation of sponsored children and youths and their families in the design and implementation of our activities. 


Our board members


Zack Kasango



Yudayah Munaamina

Vice Director



Ulrike Stüve-Koeppen



Anna-Maria Koeppen-Tusiime

Vice Chairperson


Beate Paschen



Günther Stüve