Study for Life supports vulnerable families in Central Uganda with school fees and scholastic materials. At the beginning of each term we provide books, pens, etc. to all students of the program; once a year all students receive a new school uniform and a pair of shoes. We also make sure that students from grade 3 have lunch at school. A coaching program enables us to offer individualized support to the students in their weak subjects.


To enable a continuous and successfull education for the students of our program, we provide clothing, sanitary facilities as well as healthcare and in this way take part in the families’ striving for an improved standard of living. At the same time, we support the engagement of the students’ guardians in income generating activities (IGAs) by passing on skills (e.g. business skills, producing crafts) and providing micro-credits in order to enable them a self-reliant living. In 2020, a farming project was initiated to enhance the resilience of rural families. The improvement of the families' standard of living benefits the students' education through improved health, nutrition, and hygiene.

We try to facilitate a broad education that is not confined to the academic sector. Therefore, we provide life skills (e.g. critical thinking, self-esteem, stress management), knowledge about health and hygiene as well as information about children’s rights in the form of workshops that we combine with team building activities, creative activities, and sports at activity days, that we organize for the sponsored students regularly. In this way, we are able to support the youths‘ integrated development, promote their talents, and contribute to their well-being.